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Russell Villas consists of a remarkable trio of beautiful Caribbean Island homes, light and airy and set in lush tropical gardens.

Located in Spring Farm, Rose Hall, the best address in Montego  Bay, Russell Villas is an amazing place where anything seems possible and where guests and residents alike wake up and everything is absolutely beautiful. A wonderful way to start the day! 

The venue(s) and nature of the business owner(s) ideally lend themselves to ‘lifestyle tourism’, where the potential for relaxation, rejuvenation, and optimization of self amid gorgeous surroundings is limited only by imagination and inventiveness. 

The innate characteristics of the venues consisting of beautiful, stately, and simultaneously homey residences, tropical and bountiful food gardens, and the surrounding natural environment combined with the already available activities such as yoga space, tennis courts, swimming pool, hammocks, outdoor movie theatre, and nature walks. and Ganja farm tour means that it is only additional thought, organization, and planning for comprehensive service which will provide optimal retreat conditions. 


Event Retreats: weddings, family reunions, other tailored vacations (chosen activities).

Wellness (healthy lifestyle) Retreats:  

Self-care: inclusions - yoga and meditation, nutrition and wellness (food and juice regimen), health  and fitness (self-discipline), tennis, rehabilitation, and recovery 

Out and about: any and all active options. 

Tennis vacations: focus on planned daily lessons and other fitness/leisure activities. 

Real Jamaica: nature tours including waterfalls, tours of MoBay and surrounds, a home visit (?),  cooking, local restaurants, etc 

Rasta-focused: Ganja tour (smoking/edibles?), Ital (vegan) cookery, philosophy, visit local Rasta  Village, sustainability/eco-retreat. 

All-in: anything and everything. 


Inhouse: yoga (and meditation) sessions, spa and beauty options, exercise classes, morning runs,  nature walks, picking fruit and vegetables, cooking, Ganja tours, tennis lessons,  

Offsite: lift-foiling and stand-up paddle, other water sports (incl. Jet ski, parasailing), golf, beach,  nightlife, shopping, ATV, ziplining, horse-riding, bamboo rafting, sunset catamaran rides,  glass-bottom boats, etc 

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